In a mood of faith and hope my work goes on. A ream of fresh paper lies on my desk waiting for the next book. I am a writer and I take up my pen to write..
~Pearl S. Buck

Technically it’s still Wednesday, at least for a few more hours, so I can still “legally” post here.   Hey, it’s my blog, anyway, right?  So I can do whatever I want <smiles>

I was just visiting Cafe Writing  (and if you don’t participate in this marvelous monthly writing adventure, you must!) where the theme for January is “fresh.”  Coming back to familiar territory after some time away feels like a fresh start – it’s good to step back from the daily routine, from obligations and expectations, good to change the priorities around a bit.

My mind has been whirling around with some fresh writing ideas.  I’ve made a concerted effort to get back to my morning pages, those three pages of writing done first thing in the morning when the mind is fresh.  Rather than regurgitating a litany of worries and woes, which can all too easily become my habit in journaling, I’ve been using the pages to reflect on my reading of late.  And in doing so, I’m finding ideas coming fast and furious.   Ideas for a series on Bookstack The Writer’s Life, columns of essay/reviews based on biographies of my favorite authors.  Ideas for my long laid aside novel, Dear Samantha, the epistolary novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2006.  I’ve even thought about trying to find a way to quit my day job and actually write all the time!

Some pretty wild ideas come spilling out of my head in the morning…after a couple of mugs of Gevalia Dark Roast coffee, the brain synapses are in rapid fire mode. 

Whether any of these ideas pan out or not, it’s invigorating to think about fresh new things to do with my writing.  After all, the new year is the perfect time for a fresh start.

How about you?  What fresh new ideas do you have for your writing?